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Basketball Thoughts


It may sound like a kids novel or an old band, but its one of the problems the blazers have NOT been able to do anything about. As of now, the Blazers, especially Wallace is set to blow away the all time record for Technical fouls. This is not a good thing, but the threat of Wallace breaking his own record of 38 T's BY MARCH. This is not only scary, it cannot be allowed by the Blazers to happen. Wallace is having an all star year, very possibly will make the all star team for the 2nd year in the row. But that Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads every minute of the day has got to hurt team confidence. Wallace, make no doubt about it, IS the Go-to-Guy that everyone complained about. But as much As usually I do not care if he gets 82 T's, 1 per game, if they help the team, he is STILL not being smart about the time he picks to yell at the refs.

The Last week or so, the Ref. could have walked away without giving him a T. But Wallace has that rep now, and sometimes gets a T that is not really deserved. To be blunt, there are times that his Ts are total and absolute Bullshit. And I am being blunt and vulgar for a reason. Wallace has a problem, but the Referees I think have decided among themselves, that Wallace is NOT going to show them up under any circumstances. And as he does not have the Reputation of a Superstar to keep him from getting them, and getting tossed, he, and the team will continue to get them. I thought he was learning, and the Refs. calming down a week or so ago, but I was wrong. Hopefully, Wallace will finally understand, or the team will get through to him, that getting T's can be a motivational factor In the right use, but Wallace's as of now are not.